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annual planning

Our biggest meeting of the year, Annual Planning is a time to come together as a company and reflect and build on what we have worked on. Goal setting, relationship building, practicing skills, all things that take part in our once a year meeting with the company.

team building w/ jubilee reach

Each year we include a "Team Building" activity at our meeting with the intention to build better relationships with crewmates. In 2021 we asked ourselves - what can 80 people with 4-6 hours on their hands do for our neighbors and local community?


 Seattle Boat Co has a relationship of sponsoring events with Jubilee Reach, a local community organization, so it was natural to reach out to them. Jubilee happened to be experiencing a volunteer shortage due to the holidays, and we happened to have time - so our 80-person crew stepped in and purchased, packed and sorted an entire truck of food and provisions for Jubilee Reach to distribute weekly to local families still struggling with food insecurity from the effects of the global pandemic.

Our crewmembers commented that this was the most fulfilling team building event at annual planning and expressed a desire to it again in the future. 

goal setting


Seattle Boats Annual Planning Meeting is the one time of the year the company, as a whole, goes over completed goals, missed milestones, and develops new goals for the year ahead. 


what is our mission statement?

Having some fun around the office, we went to different locations and asked employees on the spot "What Is Our Mission Statement?" 

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