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Amidst the pandemic, a wave of new boaters joined our local community, eager to explore the joys of the water. Recognizing that the learning curve for newcomers can be daunting, we took this opportunity to innovate and develop a sustainable program aimed at educating and empowering these boaters to build their confidence and ensure they continue enjoying their boating experience. Better on the Water was an initiative designed to showcase the beauty and thrill of boating through a series of carefully curated excursions. With half a dozen different boating adventures, ranging from day trips to trailering expeditions and weekend getaways, we provided our new boaters with diverse experiences to suit their preferences and comfort levels. 

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to sustaining the "Better on the Water" program, ensuring that our new boaters continue to receive the support and guidance they need to become confident and responsible stewards of the waterways. Explore the wonders of "Better on the Water" and join us as we continue to create better boaters on the water, fostering a thriving and inclusive boating community that cherishes the beauty and adventures our local waters have to offer.

Gig Harbor, WA

Roche Harbor, WA

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