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In 2021 the Lake Union location celebrated the opening of our first restaurant, Bowriders Grill, which is a brand-new waterfront location boasting the first dockside delivery to the local Lake Union boating community. Local boaters order online and simply boat up to our dock for hand delivery of their order – without ever leaving the water!


Bowriders Grill keeps Customer Experience front of mind and is boat-friendly to the very last detail -  from easy handheld wraps and skewers to our shatter-resistant wine carafes to keep glass out of your vessel and our waterways.


It has also served as an ideal event venue for enjoying the sweeping Lake Washington and city views and is often used for catered private events. 

In 2021, we further improved our Customer Experience to battle the cold and rainy Seattle weather. We introduced awnings on the covered patio to block wind, installed space heaters and provided cozy blankets for our customers to bundle up in while on site. In 2021, with the back and forth of pandemic concerns, the warm open air patio was a safe option for locals to get back to socializing. 




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