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mobile pro shop

Our unique Big Swell ProShop plays a pivotal role in enhancing the customer experience at Seattle Boat Co., making us a strong contender for the "Top 100 Boat Dealer" award. We understand that convenience is key for our high-end customers, which is why we have introduced the innovative Mobile ProShop. This service brings the shopping experience directly to our new boat customers' homes, allowing them to use their BigSwell incentives or gift cards from sales right at their doorstep. 

The Mobile ProShop is stocked with all boating essentials, from life vests to floats, boards, and shades. New boaters can effortlessly outfit their vessels without leaving home. Furthermore, during local events, the Mobile ProShop becomes a familiar sight, providing easy access to gear and accessories. 


New boat incentives


We also offer attractive incentives such as a $1500 gift card for customers who purchase a boat at the boat show. These initiatives not only enhance the post-purchase experience but also foster strong relationships with our customers. The Big Swell ProShop, especially with its mobile feature, truly sets us apart in the industry and underscores our commitment to superior customer service.

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