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Resilience in the face of crisis

Seattle Boat Company, in the face of a devastating fire at their main facility, demonstrated an admirable level of resilience and adaptability. The fire, which was later determined to be an act of arson, affected approximately 75 boats, causing varying degrees of damage. Despite this significant setback, the company's diversified business structure allowed it to continue serving its customers without interruption.

See our Public Fire Response FAQ


Quick Response


As a testament to our dedication, we personally called each customer who lost a boat in the fire within three hours of the incident. This swift response allowed us to express our heartfelt sympathies and provide immediate support, reaffirming our commitment to stand by them during this difficult time.


By reaching out personally, we aimed to offer comfort, guidance, and a strong sense of support as they began to recover and consider their options moving forward.


With multiple locations across Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, and Lake Tapps, Seattle Boat Company was able to swiftly redirect staff and resources to these facilities. This well-planned diversification strategy ensured that services and maintenance operations could carry on uninterrupted, minimizing the impact on our customers.


Moreover, Seattle Boat Company's existing Boat Club played a crucial role in their response to the crisis. The company was able to leverage this branch of their business to launch the Bridge Club program. This initiative offered affected customers exclusive access to a 22' Cobalt boat, with waived annual program fees and monthly membership dues. This innovative move ensured that customers could continue their boating activities during this challenging period.


The quick and effective response from Seattle Boat Company in the face of adversity is a testament to their robust business diversification and the resilience of their team. Their ability to adapt and innovate under pressure highlights their dedication to their customers and the wider boating community.

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