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EX/CX is the most important initiative for our operation in 2021 and into 2022 – in all that we do, we are asking: "How does this impact Employee & Customer Experience?"


In 2021 the entire country was experiencing “The Great Resignation”. Seattle Boat took this challenge head on and made it our primary focus at our Annual Company Planning Meeting.  Every year we get the entire staff together and we share transparent statistics and planning - so are no stranger to being clear about our profits, losses, goals and challenges. 


We turned to our employees and asked them “What Makes a Great Work Place?”.  We took this initiative and called it “EX/CX”, Employee Experience / Customer Experience.  We believe that our Customer Experience starts with our Employees, and by improving the Employee Experience, we improve our Customer's Experience.  

"EX" Employee Experience

EX Draft Proposal.January 20222.jpg

Utilizing tried and true processes from experts at IMPACT - They Ask, You Answer ( and the Disney Institute ( we worked as a company wide team to identify employee’s main desires. 


We then broke into groups and brainstormed the different ways we can improve employee experience, summarized in the document to the left. 

Some key highlights include:

  • Improved review structure, & goal setting

  • Increased PTO for one and two-year employees

  • Shortened tenure required to join Employee Boat Club

  • Introduced weekly company-sponsored lunches 

  • Improved snack and drink options at all locations

Employee FunShare

The Employee FunShare Program is a severely discounted version of our public FunShare boat club with a dedicated Malibu 23LSV exclusively for the use of our employees. We have a dedicated slip, wake and surf gear, high end life vests and tube for our employees to enjoy. 

By making boating accessible to our employees, we provide them an opportunity to not only make lasting memories with their family and friends, it also offers an opportunity to better understand our customers experience and motivations when they're out boating.

After feedback from our Annual Planning Meeting, we reduced the required tenure to join the Employee FunShare from 12 months to 6 months and saw an immediate increase in participation in the program. 


"CX" Customer Experience

In all that we do, we strive to provide a superior Customer Experience and employ the "GREET" method for every contact. 

This year, utilizing again, IMPACT - They Ask, You Answer ( and the Disney Institute ( we worked as a companywide team to review and understand our Customer's Experience, breaking down the key pillars. (please see document to the left).






CX Draft Proposal.January 2022.jpg
CX Draft Proposal.January 20222.jpg

Additionally, we introduced our "CX - Location Checklist" (please see document on the left) for each of our facilities to formalize how we audit and adhere to our Customer Experience goals. 

Pillar Highlights:

  • Safety

  • Courtesy

  • Efficiency

  • Image

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